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Basic Level Conversations
Welcome in the world of Conversations
Greetings. Wishing someone Good Morning...Foreword
Asking for help - I have a bit problem...Foreword
Asking Directions....Foreword
Asking for Leave....Foreword
Buying vegetables and groceries...Foreword
Calling Emergency Services....Foreword
Special Greetings....Foreword
Introductions (Introducing self)...Foreword
Making plans. Accepting and Declining...Foreword
Making Appointments....Foreword
Leaving a message on Phone....Foreword
Registering Complaints....Foreword

Highlights of :) width= Website's Content - सरल अंग्रेजी और हिंदी दोनों में वर्णित

1 Learn the Basics of English Grammar at Home - Use of Is, Are, Am, Was. Were, He, She, It, They, This, That, etc. (Audible Examples)
2 Learn English Pronunciation Rules Described in simple English and Hindi.
3 Learn English Pronunciation yourself by listening to each vowel/consonant's sound.
4 Listen to and learn Greeting Words, Polite Words, Phrases and Exclamatory words.
5 Learn Essential Grammar of English - Tense, Modals, Active-Passive Voice, Direct-Indirect etc.
6 Tense to Tense Converter, which is helpful in perfecting the knowledge of Tenses.
7 Active voice to Passive voice converter to clear the concepts of Active-Passive Voice.
8 Three English Learning Courses - Basic English Course, General English Course and Short Course for Hindi Speakers.
9 Multiple Choice Quiz and Hindi to English and English to Hindi Translation Exercise
10 Sentences Used in Day to Day English in English and Hindi both - Helpful in learning English easily.
11 Vocabularies: Antonyms, One Word Substitution, List of Fruits, Vegetables, Fishes, Grains, Spices, etc. with Hindi meanings.
12 Listenable 721 Sentences of Daily Use in English and Hindi - Listen and start speaking in English.
13 Listenable Real English-Hindi Conversation samples - Listen and learn Conversation Skill.
14 Listenable Tongue Twisters in English and Hindi - Listen and Enjoy
15 Many More Miscellaneous Things to learn English - Jumbled Words, SMS & Online chat Abbreviations, Smileys, Quotations, etc.

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