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Topics of Basic English ...with Audible 🔊 Examples

▼ Essential Grammar



Convert a Tense to any Tense & Active to Passive

Parts of Speech


Question Making

Active Passive

Direct Indirect

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Basics of English-Exercises

Essential Grammar-Exercises

20-Days Basic English Learning Course ...Audible 🔊 Examples

60-Days English Learning Course

60 Days English Learning Course
Correct Method of learning English
Day-wise Lessons

हिंदी भाषी के लिए संक्षिप्त अंग्रेजी सीखने का पाठ्यक्रम

Sentences Used in Day to Day Conversation

Audible 🔊 English-Hindi Conversations

Conversation Tips, Tongue-Twisters and Useful Sentences

Real English-Hindi Basic Level Conversations

Welcome in the world of Conversations
Greetings. Wishing someone Good Morning...Foreword
Asking for help - I have a bit problem...Foreword
Asking Directions....Foreword
Asking for Leave....Foreword
Buying vegetables and groceries...Foreword
Calling Emergency Services....Foreword
Special Greetings....Foreword
Introductions (Introducing self)...Foreword
Making plans. Accepting and Declining...Foreword
Making Appointments....Foreword
Leaving a message on Phone....Foreword
Registering Complaints....Foreword

Real English-Hindi Intermediate Level Conversations

Learn Hindi

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